The L​eague of Loyal Officers


We, the individuals of
The League of Loyal Officers:

Believe that all mankind has essential and irrevocable rights and
privileges inherent to him by his very existence.

These being to govern one’s self in accordance with one’s
own integrity; His life, livelihood and spirituality. To freely rebel in dialogue with his fellow man on wings of his own determinism. And,
the right to pursue these challenges unfettered by
oppressive influences in antipathy.

History has shown that these philosophies have incessantly come under siege through time immemorial and have now become Ill recognizable by society, churches, governments and even the individuals themselves.

Therefore; Synonyms our own origin, once eclipsed to us,
now revitalized and in the present. We honor anew our
responsibility to the preservation and support of man,
his ascension to enlightenment and the goal of a grander way of life.

Less we not forget again.
The League of Loyal Officers
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Loyal Officers Mission

Keepers of technologies of Scientology and Dianetics and other such practices that has been developed from the tech.

To protect technical practitioners, counselors, auditors etc., who practice the original tech of Scientology and Dianetics.

Loyal Officers do not engage in political activities of any kind or unlawful activities, including abetting causes, petty fraud and personal vengeance.

They have dedicated then selves to the task, with the use of ethics tech and admin.

They are indeed “soldiers of light” – LRH, from Ole Doc Methuselah.

The Loyal Officers are also modeled after the ancient beings of over 75 million years ago that were quite loyal to their home planets. They were loyal to the people. Not a religious ideology or political organization or person, but to the beings that inhabited their planet.

Their product was protection and wellness of their planet.

Today’s mission is to help undo what was done to their planet and home universe.
In 1986 LRH issued Flag Order 3879 to create the rank of Loyal Officer.

Flag Order 3879                                                           January 1986 

  I, LRH, Commodore, am hereby assuming the rank of ADRMAL.

  The rank of COMMODORE IS RETIRED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE in the Sea Organization at this time. As we move on up the track the Commodore rank will be reinstated as will be needed.

  A new rank of LOYAL OFFICER is created directly above the rank of Captain.

  Pat Brocker is hereby promoted as the first LOYAL OFFICER.

  Annie Brocker is hereby promoted as the second LOYAL OFFICER.

There are several Sea Org Officers they will want to promote.

  The SEA ORGANIZATION will always be the Sea Organization, no matter that we may leave the surface of this planet when we are finished and operate on others (hopefully not to many void of seas --- joke) and no matter what we will operate, in general, throughout the universe --- solid, liquid, gaseous, and yes --- there are other states of matter, which are ours for the taking because nobody else seems to know about them.

  I’ll be scouting the way and doing the first port survey missions. I expect your continuing backup. You’ve got a little under a billion left on your current hitch, and it is hoped you will sign up again --- veterans are valuable!

  So, there it is. You know what to do. You know how to do it. Hold the form of the S.O.! You’ve got the watch!

  I will be in comm.

  We will meet again later.


This is an excert taken from the SHSBC, regarding the Between Lifes area.

That’s quite interesting, because the Galactic Confederation is up against a problem of great magnitude. It’s run out of OTs. They basic technology says that the problem of conquest - the problem of conquest; the problem of maintaining our commitments; the problem of power and the cohesion of the Galactic Confederation does not depend on ships; does not depend on fuel; does not depend on size of armies; does not depend on organization; technical know-how  - doesn’t depend on any of these things. It’s the availability of OTs to command units, And that is the limiting factor of how much and how broad and how big the Galactic Confederation can be.
As stated Ron’s Journal ’67, OTs work better in groups!

​​We would like to invite you to become a member of the League Loyal Officers. 

Contact us to find out how.

A confidential briefing for all Loyal Officers and individuals who wish to become a LO. It will be held at a resort in Marietta, California on April 7.  We are launching a fantastic project and all OT 3s and above need to be present.